BrainSurf meets
all of the IT needs
of ambitious
that utilize IQMS.


Our customers are distinguished by their:
Inquiring natures and unwillingness to accept mediocrity
Awareness that their company’s success necessitates best-in-class IT
Drive to achieve excellence in every area of their business
Customers range in size from smaller, single site operations to
larger, more complex, multi-site organizations.

All have experienced other forms of support – Any or every combination of:

Local support consultant or company
National support organization
In-house IT staff
In every case they have come up against the same issues:
– Zero or severely limited knowledge of IQMS

– Lack of understanding of the repetitive manufacturing environment

– Insufficient capabilities and resources to provide support or to deliver growth initiatives

These shortfalls result in productivity issues, inefficient workarounds,
worry and frustration.

For non-specific IT support companies these shortcomings are completely understandable. How can an IT company that services a diverse array of companies in a myriad of different fields learn to manage & support the specialist software for each company and understand the dynamics of every industry?

The answer is that they can’t and won’t – their business model won’t allow it.

BrainSurf can and does. We can do this because all our customers use the same software, follow the same manufacturing processes and produce similar products. BrainSurf focuses exclusively on repetitive manufacturers using IQMS; meeting the needs of leading suppliers to medical, automotive, defense, construction, aerospace, industrial and consumer markets.